Credit Card Payments

Flint Water Cases


    1. Go to website

    2. At the top click on payment tab

    3. Click on make a payment – this will direct you to the payment screen

    4. On the online payment screen click on the drop down list under Select Payment

    5. Select Flint Water Cases

    6. Hit the next button

    7. On the next screen fill in the information – if this is a new case, no case # is required

    8. Click on the next to verify information

    9. Click next

    10. Put in credit card information

    11. Click submit

    12. You will receive a confirmation of e-mail payment.

    13. The court will receive a confirmation of payment e-mail.

    14. The clerk will be notified that payment has been made.

    15. The clerk will notify you by e-mail that the filing is accepted. If it is a new case filing, the case number will be included in the e-mail.

Contact for questions: Legal Division Supervisor, Genesee County Clerk, 810.768.7933