2018 (Selected orders)

Mental Health Court2018-03J
Court Clerk Hours of Operation2018-05J
Criminal Spin-off Docket2018-09
Flint Water Cases2018-12

2019 (Selected orders)

Request for Accommodations by persons with Disabilities2019-06J
Business Court2019-07
Waiver of Fees for Indigent Persons2019-08
Court House Security Committee2019-09J
2020 Closed to Public2019-11J
2020 Holidays2019-12J
Hours of Court Operation and Judicial Coverage2019-13J

2020 (all Orders)

Friend of the Court Alternative Dispute Resolution Plan 2020-01
Disqualification Order2020-02J
Security Policies for Court Facilities 2020-03J
Court Closures Due to County Fiscal Emergency2020-07j
Genesee County Return to Full Capacity Phase One 2020-08j
Return to full Capacity - Phase two2020-09j
Access, Inspection,reproduction, and creation of court records2020-10j
Appointment of Attorney Referee Christie2020-11
Appointment of Attorney Referee Heath2020-12
Appointment of Attorney Referee Hood2020-13
Appointment of Attorney Referee Carlson2020-14
Election Day Matters2020-16
Appointment of Attorney Referee Robb2020-17
Return to Phase One2020-18J
2021 Holidays2020-19J
Hours of Court Operation Judicial Coverage2020-20J

2021 (all Orders)

Genesee County Judicial Council2021-01J
Disqualification Order2021-04J
Establish Parameters for Conducting In-Person Jury Proceedings during the Covid-19 Pandemic2021-05J
Return to Phase 12021-06J
Case Assignments2021-07
Appointment of Juvenile And Domestic Relations Attorney Referee2021-08

All local administrative orders are available for inspection at the office of the circuit court clerk or the law library.