ADA/Language Access Coordinator
900 S. Saginaw Street, 2nd floor
Flint, MI 48502


Phone: 810.257.3272
Fax: 810.257.0512

Office Hours

Monday – Friday*
8:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.
*Except court closed days.

The Court is committed to providing access to individuals who have limited English proficiency (LEP) or who are deaf, deaf-blind or hearing impaired.

Language Interpreter for Walk-In Court Services

“I Speak” language identification posters are available at various points of public service in the court to assist individuals with limited English proficiency to identify the language for which an interpreter is needed. Court staff are able to contact an interpreter for “on the spot” telephonic interpretation that may help transact the desired business.

Language Interpreter for Court Proceeding

Individuals with limited English proficiency requesting the services of a language interpreter for a court proceeding should complete the “Request and Order for Interpreter” form found here.

The request form is also available in the following languages:

Please note: You may be requested to reimburse the court for language interpreter services, if it does not impose an unreasonable financial burden. Financial information may be required.

Sign Language for Court Proceeding

Individuals requesting a sign language interpreter or use of an assisted listening device should complete the “Request for Accommodations” form found here.

Submission of Request Form for Language or Sign Language Interpreter

Once the appropriate request form has been completed, it can be returned in the following manner:
  • Electronically: Use the “SUBMIT” option button on request form
  • Fax: ADA Coordinator, 810.257.0512
  • In person: ADA Coordinator, Law Library, 2nd floor, Courthouse

Grievance Procedure (Review of Denial of Request for Accommodation)

If your request for accommodation was denied by the ADA Coordinator, you may request a review of the denial by filing for MC-70a,  Review of Request for Reasonable Accommodations and Response. The Chief Judge will review the denial of accommodation and respond to your request.

If your request is denied by the Chief Judge, you may submit a written request for review by the State Court Administrator. Send your request to the State Court Administrator, Michigan Hall of Justice, PO Box 30048, Lansing, MI 48909.

Submission of a request should be made as soon as the need for an interpreter is identified, 14 days in advance of a court date is preferred. Once a determination has been made by the ADA Coordinator that interpreter services are necessary for participation in a court proceeding, an interpreter will be assigned and notification provided to the individual making the request.

Local Administrative Order 2013-07J, Language Access Plan
Local Administrative Order 2019-06J, Request for Accommodations by Persons with Disabilities