Public Defender Program
900 S. Saginaw Street, 2nd floor
Flint, MI 48502


Phone: 810.257.3484

Office Hours:

Monday – Friday*
8:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.
*Except court closed days.

The Defender Program for Genesee County is responsible for the assignment of counsel in criminal cases, when there has been a judicial determination that the defendant is financially unable to hire an attorney and the court orders that counsel be appointed. Defender Program attorneys also provide legal representation on misdemeanors in the 67th District Court, upon a judicial determination of financial inability to hire an attorney.

Attorneys who are licensed to practice law in the State of Michigan and whose primary office is located in Genesee County are eligible to apply. Exceptions with respect to location of primary professional residence are reviewed by the circuit court administrator and the civil-criminal division circuit court judges.

Attorneys interested in applying to participate with the Defender Program must submit an application and attend an orientation session.

Questions regarding the Defender Program may be directed to the circuit court administrator at the above address or by calling 810.424.4355.

Application Forms

Overview and Orientation
Prior employment and experience form

Attorney Fee Petition Forms
(effective for services after 10-1-2018)

Circuit Court FC Voucher
Circuit Court FH Voucher
District Court FC Voucher
District Court FH Voucher
Contract Voucher
Client Conference Verification
Family Division Voucher
Probation Violation Form
Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) Form
Postage Invoice

Vouchers (for services pre 10-1-2018)

Circuit Court Voucher
Family Division Voucher
Monthly Family Divison Voucher
District Court Voucher – FH
District Court Voucher – FC
Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) form
Certification of Jail Visit

Submit to:, with the “case number” (EX. 14-012345FH or 18T01234 ) in the subject matter.  Save the form to your computer  and submit as an attachment.

Note: You will receive e-mail confirmation of a successful submission.