The 7th Judicial Circuit Court is a division of the state judiciary. It is the constitutionally created court of general jurisdiction for Genesee County. The court is divided into two divisions: the Civil-Criminal Division and the Family Division. The criminal cases under the jurisdiction of the circuit court are serious criminal matters, referred to as felonies. A felony is defined as a criminal case whose maximum penalty is at least 2 years.

Civil-Criminal Division

The civil-criminal division consists of civil cases, where a request for money damages exceeds $25,000 and certain other types of civil cases where injunctive or equitable relief is requested. The civil-criminal division also includes appellate cases that may arise out of a district court, probate court or other administrative agency.

Family Division

The family division consists of domestic cases that may include issues related to married or unmarried parties who are parents of minor children. The family division also includes juvenile cases, including child protective proceedings and juvenile delinquency matters.