The Genesee County Jury Board consists of three qualified electors of Genesee County, appointed by the Genesee County Board of Commissioners on recommendation of the Circuit Court Judges for a six year term.

  • No more than two of the members shall be from the same political party.
  • MCL 600.1301 et seq is the enabling statute setting forth the composition and duties of a jury board.
  • Jury Board Members are sometimes referred to as Jury Board Commissioners.
  • The Jury Board meets annually in May.
  • Jury Board Members receive a report of jury activity for the preceding year.
  • The Chief Judge administers a constitutional oath of office.
  • Duties of the Jury Board include receipt and review of the combined drivers license and non-driver identification lists from the Michigan Secretary of State. This information is utilized to create a randomly selected annual list of Genesee County residents to be summoned for jury duty.

Jury Board Members

  • Henry Hatter
  • Paul A. Rozycki
  • Karen Aldridge-Eason